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Healthier and Safer Workplaces in Virginia: The CareTrek and PROOF™ Answer # 9

Posted by Joe Antle on November 15, 2020 5:25 PM EST
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What are the important innovations that the PROOF™ concept brings to the CareTrek value proposition as a....

... comprehensive addiction recovery excellence model?

As has been presented in prior blog postings that have been presented on this CasreTrek Support Group profile hub, the PROOF™ concept innovates the traditional process for specimen collections by enabling the participant taking the test to do the entire process at home or at a private location, not necessarily a collection site which could be an urgent care facility, a doctor's office or other medically reliable places which may be less safe, more inconvenient and not as comfortable-and perhaps not much more dependable-then the patented PROOF™ mobile app-centric, video review confirmation and overnight shipping process.  And after almost 15,000 collections with a .1% error rate, it is very hard to argue against its accuracy and reliability...and the convenience of it is self-evident.

So, PROOF™ brings the dimension of telehealth, telecollections together, along with telecounseling and tele-recovery assistance coaching and even tele-support to CareTrek-which is an innovation in itself by integrating into its model all the important elements that are required to produce successful recovery and to do so on a sustaine basis.  Therefore, infusing PROOF™ into the CareTrek model of comprehensive addiction recovery effectiveness (SUD recovery care) programs and further solidifying the CareTrek case for enhancing traditional substance addiction recovery treatment services with convenience, affordability, reliability and efficiency (also SUD recovery care) makes the formulation one that opens new consumption to a vast market of consumers, employees, non-professionals and communities that would not be able to fully leverage the traditional somewhat "overshot" model.

PROOF™ Innovative Features Become Advantages and Benefits to Most Behavioral Health Provider Organizations and/or Leading Employers follows the "CARESS" metaphor/acronym:










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