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Why Employers Need PROOF™

Posted by Joe Antle on September 6, 2020 5:05 PM EDT
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PROOF™ is a safe, reliable, and convenient drug and alcohol testing video collections and it sets the stage for a continuum of solutions which can ultimately lead to... exciting new EAP enhancement option for those employees who test positive.  This can extend and redeem careers, saving jobs, and improving community-wide substance use recovery one person/employee at a time.

Here are some of the reasons we think that PROOF™ is a meaningful innovation and improvement to many employers' current drug-free workforce testing programs.

COVID-19 has had a historic and adverse impact across the world.  The implications for leading private sector and governmental employers and their employees are profound and urgent. Every leading governmental institution and the private-sector employer believes that engaged and productive employees, leaders and professionals are valuable assets.   For leading governmental institutions such as those that exist in communities of all sizes across the United States will be served by this exciting innovation in at-home testing through video collections and self-direct shipping to labs, providing safe and secure workplaces, facilities, and ensuring employee, leaders, and constituents' wellbeing has never been more important.  And doing so will become more strategic if leading governmental organizations want to hire and retain productive and effective workforces and attract the best and brightest employees now and in the future.

 All leading employers want assurance that their key departments are taking bold actions to provide for the safety, security, and health and the wellbeing of their employees.   Employees want PROOF ™ that their workplace will be safe from alcohol and drug addiction and that colleagues who are found to suffer from substance use disorder will be identified and provided an opportunity for recovery.  And what provider is better suited to do that than the nation’s fastest-growing third-party administrator for licensed professionals’ addiction recovery treatment services, RecoveryTrek.  Therefore, RecoveryTrek is proud to respond to this challenge and operations improvement opportunity by introducing PROOF ™, the world’s first patented mobile app technology solution for observed “at-home” alcohol and drug testing…and coming soon, COVID-19 “at home” testing.

 PROOF™ is a patented, affordable, convenient, and safe “at home” alternative to traditional workforce substance use testing activities which streamlines the process for employers of all sizes.  Most employers and governmental institutions such as those who will be served by the County of Rockland’s alcohol and drug testing and video collections service utilize substance abuse testing services for ensuring a drug-free workplace (DFW) and safe and productive working environments for specific purposes such as: pre-employment, random selection, return-to-work, post-accident and for reasonable suspicion.  These improve employee productivity, safety, health and wellness as well as increase employee engagement, performance and effectiveness.  RecoveryTrek believes that the COVID-19 pandemic will make PROOF™ valuable in any leading employer's workplace, whether daily work remains within employers’ facilities or is conducted in remote, virtual fashion.  Thus, providing PROOF™ as the foundational element of a convenient, affordable, reliable and effective alcohol and drug testing - video collections and testing platform makes a lot of sense for forward-thinking organizations.

In summary, PROOF™ delivers great value for the County of Rockland in the following ways:

  • PROOF™ is Convenient, featuring "at-home" COVID-19 and Drug-Free Workplace tests
  • PROOF™ is Affordable, saving time and money from waiting at test collection venues
  • PROOF™ is Reliable, approved by major certification boards, with thousands of tests recorded
  • PROOF™ is Easy, test collections are comfortable and can be done in 15 minutes
  • PROOF™ is Supported by professional account managers who can help your participants
  • PROOF™ is Scalable so that your organization can expand as rapidly as necessary

RecoveryTrek's PROOF mobile app meets the requirements that it takes to take drug-free workplace programs to the next level.  Add CareTrek EAP enhancement to the program and employers will have an end-to-end program that will cover all bases.


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