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PROOF™ At-Home Testing: PrESH-PROOF™ Employer Solutions Hub

Posted by Joe Antle on August 30, 2020 6:55 PM EDT
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PROOF™ At-Home Testing opens up entry into leading employers' efforts to achieve healthy, safe, and drug-free workplaces.  The COVID-19 Free Workplace and Drug Free Workplace at home saliva testing options, with a powerful.... record-keeping platform and concept called the PROOF™ Employer Solutions Hub is a strong one-two offering for any size employer who values the health, safety, and addiction-free lives of their employee population.

Today, there is great near term anxiety among employers and their employees regarding workplace safety due to COVID-19.  And there are likely to be COVID-19 after-shocks which may be felt for years to come-some of which lead directly to increased use of drugs and alcohol according to health experts all over the world.
RecoveryTrek's PROOF™ at home saliva testing innovation is more than an important "ingredient" in the CareTrek comprehensive addiction recovery employee assistance program enhancement.  It enables RecoveryTrek to bring value to employers who have the immediate COVID-19 issue to deal with and it opens doors for drug-free workplace solutions later on.  It is the lead element of a two-part strategy for RecoveryTrek to expand services to leading employers in the broad marketplace, enabling them to access similar services that have existed for decades in the licensed professionals' space.
PROOF™ at-home testing services and the  PROOF™ Employer Solutions Hub together Virginia's leading employers with the best way to "prove" they are complying with the requirements of the Virginia Emergency Standard legislation which was recently passed.  It makes for serious  consideration of the longer-term aspects of how this concept along with the drug-free workplace solutions we are offering with our ChamberSolutions partnership can bring additional value to many employers and serve as a potential area-wide addiction recovery initiative.  On that particular point, I have attached a couple of documents.  The first is a PDF of the Op-Ed piece that I mentioned which was co-authored by Bryan Stephens of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce.  The second attachment is the white paper prepared by the federal government's drug policy agency, and action plan for rural communities.
We all appreciate the challenges of developing the right leads generation program for marketing a new solution (PROOF) into a mature and "disrupted" market space right now (leading employers).  Due to COVID-19 and its health and economic impact on people in general, and especially on our target market of "leading employers", the challenge is even more significant.  However, the rewards we can gain together  WHEN we "crack the code" are even more significant....and sustainable over time.
Therefore, our CareTrek Support Group's strategy can change just a bit, and turn COVID-19 into the "reason leading employers should get PROOF"?  In fact, it may be that over the next six months or so, helping "leading employers" to collaborate with their employees to PROVE they have a healthy COVID-19-free workplace by using PROOF might be easier to leverage marketing to drive sales leads?  


With PROOF™ at-home testing services and the PROOF™ Employer Solutions Hub we provide a two-phase strategy.  For example, in Phase 1-"You Need PROOF to show you have a healthy COVID-10 free workplace".  Phase 2-"Get PROOF That You Have A Drug-Free workforce".  Who knows, but maybe Phase 1 has an impact for the next 6 months to a year.  We get traction with employers and then "upsell" them on the needs they have they may not even know they have with Phase 2-essentially enhancing employee benefits and building a drug-free workplace at the same time.  


I look forward to opportunities to work with Virginia's Chambers of Commerce, especially in rural markets.   Before long, and in the near future bringing a concept like this to the members of the Virginia Chambers of Commerce in partnership with the ChamberSolutions team and in collaboration with leading employers in the local community markets, great things can happen.  (Click on the link below and download the excellent report in order to check out the Federal government's recently produced guidelines for recovery programs in rural communities).  
One final note, as expressed a year ago in an Op-Ed piece in The Virginian-Pilot, the President/CEO of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and G. Zachary Terwilliger, Commonwealth's Attorney for Eastern Virginia had this to say:  "When the history of the opioid crisis is written, America’s businesses, with their ingenuity and initiative, will surely be seen as frontline players in the campaign to rid our communities of opioid abuse. From courtrooms to boardrooms, defeating this epidemic will require all of us working together".  Click on the following link to download and read the entire article:  

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