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The Five Essential Elements of Wellbeing: CareTrek Checklist for Alignment

Posted by Joe Antle on August 22, 2020 3:00 PM EDT
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There has been a series of blogs that have illustrated various aspects of the Gallup Study and book called "Wellbeing" that provide an innovation and healthy living lens on.....

...the concept.

As a sequential follow-on to those blog posts, this one draws a framework for how the five essential elements of wellbeing as seen in Gallup Inc.'s research are addressed by CareTrek.  In this context, I see CareTrek in two angles.  One is the sustaining innovation as an enhancement to traditional employee assistance programs and enabling employers to help valued employees become more productive, lead better lives and have better careers and workplaces to be safer by reducing substance use disorder. CareTrek becomes a comprehensive addiction recovery employee assistance program. 

The other angle is seeing CareTrek in the context of being a complete, comprehensive and pre-integrated utility of technology and services for community-wide addiction recovery efforts and collaborative programs.  In this sense it is a disruptive innovation because it serves as a platform that essentially competes against non-consumption.  And as a integrated set of products, technologies and services and a tool for those collectively applying impact against the underserved market of citizens who do not have access to such complete programs.

So, as stated in my previous blog post, if there was a single strategy to be developed and enacted to improve wellbeing en masse across populations and simultaneously improve emotional wellbeing and a reduction in substance use disorder incidents, then a focus on improving all aspects of the five essential elements of wellbeing would be that singular strategy.  Thus, CareTrek becomes a good enough alternative to doing nothing to address two key segments of the marketplace for improving substance use distorder recovery: the employer and its employees, and nonprofits and their connections across government and the private sector to deliver evidence-based services to the underserved citizens in the community.

Career Wellbeing

People with high Career Wellbeing wake up every morning with something to look forward to doing that day.  They also have the opportunity to do things that fit their strengths and interests.  They have a deep purpose in life and a plan to attain their goals.  In most cases, they have a leader who motivates them and makes them enthusiastic about the future and friends who share their passion.

Three Ways CareTrek Can Be a Platform for Boosting Career Wellbeing:

1. Enable employees who are found to have a substance use disorder to seek a solution and continue their career.

2. Provide a platform for recovered employees to serve as worksite monitors for others who are found to have substance use disorder.

3. Create opportunities for employees who have recovered from substance use disorder to connect with others across organizational backgrounds.

Social Wellbeing

People with high social wellbeing have several close relationships that help them achieve popularity, enjoy life and be healthy.  They are surrounded by people who encourage their development and growth, accept them for who they are and treat them with respect.  They deliberately spend time investing in the networks that surround them.

Three CareTrek Can Be a Platform for Boosting Social Wellbeing:

1. Enable employees who are going through a CareTrek substance use disorder recovery program to gather with peers in support groups..

2. CareTrek becomes a platform for strengthening the mutual connections in participants and their families and others to build a focused network.

3. Enable participants and their support network to meet others who are recoverying through the CareTrek network to learn from each other.

Financial Wellbeing

People with high Financial Wellbeing manage their personal finances well and spend their money wisely.  They often buy experiences instead of simply buying personal possessions or material goods.  They give to others instead of always spending on themselves.  At a very basic level, they are satisfied with their overall standard of living.

Three CareTrek Can Be a Platform for Boosting Financial Wellbeing:

1. CareTrek is an comprehensive and affordable recovery employee assistance program that is vastly better financial value than traditional ones.

2. CareTrek can enable employees with substance use disorder to continue their careers and earn a decent living..

3. For some recovered CareTrek program graduates, both employees and underserved citizens, they can earn additional wages on their own time as recovery coaches and/or peer assistance counselors.

Physical Wellbeing

People with high Physical Wellbeing manage their health well.  They live healthy lives and pursue active lifestyles and nutritious eating.  They exercise regularly, and as a result, they feel better physically, and mentally.  They make good dietary choices, which keeps their energy high throughout the day and sharpens their thinking  They get enough sleep to process what they have learned the day before and to get a good start on the next day.

Three CareTrek Can Be a Platform for Boosting Physical Wellbeing:

1. Eliminating the physical damage that drugs and alcohol can bring to people with substance use disorders can improve physical wellbeing.

2. Physical activity in combination with better diet and improved compliance in recovery can improve physical wellbeing.

3. Reducing the stress of trying to overcome substance use disorder on one's own but seeing success through CareTrek and the support of others, can build confidence and renewed energy for physical activities.

Community Wellbeing

People with high Community Wellbeing feel safe and secure where they live.  They take pride in their community and feel that it's headed in the right direction.  This often results in their wanting to give back and make a lasting contribution to society.  These people have identified the areas where they can contribute based on their own strengths and passions, and they tell others about these interests to connect with the right groups and causes.

Three CareTrek Can Be a Platform for Boosting Community Wellbeing:

1. Participants and volunteers or paid part-time peer assistance counselors can add immense value to their community and glean recognition for it.

2. CareTrek can be a platform or a local recovery connection and project management utility that can extend and leverage resources for success.

3. CareTrek allows multiple ways for involvement in a community group or event, and for helping others while helping oneself.  Even if you start small, start now and finish!  And keep going!

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