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ChamberSolutions® Joins RecoveryTrek's PROOF™ Biz Development Team!

Posted by Joe Antle on July 26, 2020 4:45 PM EDT
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RecoveryTrek signs agreement with ChamberSolutions® to market “PROOF™” COVID-19 Information Hub, COVID-19 “At Home” Testing and other PROOF™ Drug-Free Workplace / Return to Work Telehealth Collection Services.  This partnership has the potential... bring innovative new value to the Virginia Chambers local affiliate employer members!

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce its COVID-19 detection and prevention testing and drug-free workplace services partnership with nationally recognized drug-free workplace and substance abuse healthcare company, RecoveryTrek.  RecoveryTrek has long been known for providing best-in-industry customer service to treatment providers, recovery monitoring programs, program managers, patients/participants, and leading national employers.  RecoveryTrek has recently revolutionized the drug and alcohol testing collection process with the PROOF™ Telehealth Collection platform launch, the world’s first mobile app technology solution for safe, in-home specimen collection testing.

Together, RecoveryTrek and ChamberSolutions, will bring the PROOF™ COVID-19 Information Hub, COVID-19 “At Home” self-directed testing and the world’s first mobile app technology solution for observed drug and alcohol testing to the Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s statewide affiliate chambers of commerce and their member firms. This powerful combination of supported services is ideal for leading employers who need to address the Virginia Department of Labor reporting requirements and want to strengthen their COVID-19 prevention and detection efforts. Included in the platform are solutions for employers to ensure they have a drug-free workplace programs in place with strategic focus and execution.

About ChamberSolutions® 

ChamberSolutions® is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.  ChamberSolutions® creates, administers, and markets member benefit programs that allow Virginia’s local chambers of commerce to add value quickly and easily. Through the delivery of turn-key programs that enhance operational efficiency, increase exposure, and save money, chambers of commerce can achieve higher member sales, increase member retention, and earn non-dues revenue. Members are looking to their local chambers of commerce to solve problems they cannot solve on their own, and ChamberSolutions® helps them do that. The products and services offered by ChamberSolutions® fit the chamber's value equation just like advocacy, networking, business education, leadership programs, and the like. 


About RecoveryTrek

RecoveryTrek, LLC is a Virginia-based Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia.  The company is committed to providing state-of-the-art; customized software solutions and excellent customer service for organizations and individuals focused on behavioral health and reduction of substance abuse. Since 2011, RecoveryTrek has partnered with a wide variety of professional monitoring programs, treatment centers, non-profit organizations and individuals all with a desire to incorporate the most advanced evidenced-based tools including software, mobile, and laboratory solutions into their treatment protocols. RecoveryTrek's groundbreaking "Success Management Software" was originally designed for the unique needs of case managers responsible for treatment monitoring of licensed professionals and is a cloud-based system featuring responsive, adaptable customization in a secure environment. PROOF™ is the world’s first mobile app technology solution for drug and alcohol testing, US Patent No. US 10, 244,198 B2.  For more information please visit 


If you would like more information about this topic, please call (757) 636-1775 or email: 









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