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2020: Applying "Focus" and "Vision" to An Unpredictable Year

Posted by Joe Antle on July 12, 2020 11:55 AM EDT
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The year 2020 brings to mind the idea of how to apply "vison" and "focus" to a present that has been unpredictable beyond imagination-in only six months!  Not just "vision" in the long term sense of the word, but on specific points of value that can be created by aiming actions directly on the things that matter most.  And 2020, like most years, appears to be quite interesting as we look back on it at mid-year.  When you consider that there seems to be so many NEW challenges to be met and overcome (COVID-19, renewed social unrest and calls for racial equality and economic uncertainty and jobs loss), it is hard to decide which ones are the most important.  However, as we begn to build new momentum for CareTrek and leveraging the new "at  home" oral fluids based self-collection PROOF.......

....the idea of improving one's wellbeing while also helping others to do that is a worthy pursuit in any year.  And unlocking the secrets for doing that at some level of broad scale and doing so in a sustainable way should be an economically productive endeavor.  The new set of unpredicted disruptions that have come front and center in 2020 only add urgency, relevance and priority to this simple idea.  And for CareTrek and PROOF these conditions seem to potentially produce a disruptive context that can potentially be strategically valuable.

We have a tendency or a bias to consider innovations in the context of bold reinventions that improve people's lives, strengthen families, create more engaged citizens, increase organizational capabilities and productivity and enhance economic vitality.  What follows are the Gallup Inc. research's five essential elements of wellbeing with a "focused" action to consider as a framework for the very unusual year 2020 and beyond.

Career Wellbeing

2020 Focused Action:  Implement the CareTrek comprehensive addiction recovery employee assistance program enhancement in Virgina, and leverage PROOF as a component of the value proposition and as a first step for employers getting started by moving some or all of the employers' COVID-19 testing and DFW/SUD testing.  Sustained focus area:  Leading employers who are willing to invest a little, to help some of their employees a lot.

Financial Wellbeing

2020 Focused Action: Find ways to manage the execution of CareTrek so that funds can be set aside from some of the employee readiness fees paid for CareTrek for meaningful purposes within the broader community in which participating employers operate and within the organizational "people strategy" context..

Social Wellbeing

2020 Focused Action: Build in a component of CareTrek that enables social interaction to bring strategic value to employee participants, to employers and to those who support them.  Consider training, workplace monitors structures and broader community participation in support of the underserved segments of the employers' communities.

Physical Wellbeing

2020 Focused Action:  Identify physical health improvements that can be brought about by successful execution and expansion of CareTrek access-such as improved nutrition, exercise or assessment of physical health improvements made by employee participants, their dependents and those that the employee participants may volunteer to serve and support.

Community Wellbeing

2020 Focused Action:  Find ways to leverage financial resources, services and support mechanisms in service to the broader community efforts to reduce substance use disorder through better access, affordability and evidence-based resources with CareTrek.

In summary, while none of the actions suggested are extraordinary or innovative on their own merits, the application of focused, purposeful and "intended consequences" that can accrue in the key areas of wellbeing that can accrue from the organizational integration of PROOF and CareTrek into important "people strategies" such as employee benefits, operational productivity and organizational safety initiatives make the idea of commercially successful execution of the CareTrek concept in 2020 and beyond one with "meaning".

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