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Global Life Sciences Alliance Joins RecoveryTrek's PROOF™ Biz. Dev. Team!

Posted by Joe Antle on July 6, 2020 11:30 AM EDT
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I am more than a little pleased to share the announcement of this past week's agreement between Global Life Sciences Alliance (GLSA) and RecoveryTrek.   The GLSA team will.... 

...become RecoveryTrek's first business development channel partner for marketing and sales of RecoveryTrek's new PROOF™ “At Home” COVID-19 testing solutions and SUD DFW "At Home" testing products and services.

Global life science industry has become a new term in our lexicon, representing organizations in healthcare, bi-tech, pharmaceutical, labs, medical devices, and health insurance industries.  The team at GLSA are a group of seven highly-skilled and experienced business development experts whose careers have been invested in the broad industry called global life sciences.  Working with RecoveryTrek, GLSA will be bringing sustainable innovations to the large employers who make up this important set of industries and who want new and more convenient, affordable, reliable, effective, safe, and supported testing solutions to ensure that their workplaces are safe from COVID-19 and are drug-free workplaces.

This is the first step in introducing CareTrek as a comprehensive addiction recovery employee assistance program enhancement.  First comes testing and then those who test positive can be served by CareTrek.  A logical two step strategy for improving leading employers' efforts at becoming healthier workplaces with more effective and productive workforces.

Below is the formal press release for this announcement.  It's also an attachment and can be found in the Documents tab of this CareTrek Support Group profile.

RecoveryTrek signs agreement with Global Life Sciences Alliance to market “PROOF™” and other PROOF™-related addiction treatment solutions.

For immediate release

[Norfolk, VA, June 19, 2020] Global Life Sciences Alliance (GLSA) is pleased to announce its life sciences industry partnership with nationally recognized substance abuse healthcare company, RecoveryTrek.  RecoveryTrek has long been known for providing best-in-industry customer service to licensed professionals, recovery monitoring programs, program managers, participants, and leading national employers.  RecoveryTrek has recently revolutionized the drug and alcohol testing collection process with the launch of PROOF™.

Together, RecoveryTrek and GLSA will bring PROOF™, the world’s first mobile app technology solution for observed drug and alcohol testing to the broader life sciences employer markets, including healthcare and private markets who want to strengthen their drug-free workplace programs with strategic focus and execution.

About GLSA

The Global Life Sciences Alliance (GLSA) is a highly accomplished team of results-driven and well-connected business development executives with over 100 years of Life Sciences industry experience. GLSA specializes in providing a full range of business development and advisory services deployed in a tailored approach with flawless execution.

The Global Life Science Alliance is committed to accelerate your current and future business growth on a global scale.  GLSA can help you achieve market success efficiently by focusing on your needs and the needs of your customers.

About RecoveryTrek

RecoveryTrek, LLC is committed to providing state-of-the-art; customized software solutions and excellent customer service for organizations and individuals focused on behavioral health and reduction of substance abuse. Since 2011 RecoveryTrek has partnered with a wide variety of professional monitoring programs, treatment centers, non-profit organizations and individuals all with a desire to incorporate the most advanced evidenced-based tools including software, mobile, and laboratory solutions into their treatment protocols. RecoveryTrek's groundbreaking "Success Management Software" was originally designed for the unique needs of case managers responsible for treatment monitoring of licensed professionals and is a cloud-based system featuring responsive, adaptable customization in a secure environment. PROOF™ is the world’s first mobile app technology solution for drug and alcohol testing, US Patent No. US 10, 244,198 B2.  For more information please visit 

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