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What Differentiates CareTrek from Other Substance Addiction Treatment Services?

Posted by Joe Antle on May 15, 2020 9:55 AM EDT
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Recently, a colleague asked me to explain what makes CareTrek different from, and perhaps better.....

...than other substance addiction treatment services options that employers, their employee assistance program (EAP) providers or employees themselves can choose from to provide a sustained and successful substance addiction recovery.  This is an absolutely critical question since a very valuable opportunity for employers to retain these valued employees and for the employees to recover their careers (pun intended) is key.

The first step in answering this question of differentiation begins with a repeat of the description for CareTrek.  CareTrek's purpose is to be a key platform for recovery and employment support in two main areas:  as an enhancement to EAPs as a comprehensive addiction recovery employee (Care) assistance program (Trek) AND as a complete platform of technology, services, recordkeeping and employment opportunity enhancement for the underserved residents of communities.  A little while ago I posted a blog on this profile hub that pointed out the essential components of CareTrek.  (You can click on the link below...and keep reading below for details: 

CareTrek stands apart partly because it's an innovation of a sustainable nature. It brings the key dimensions of lower-cost, easier access, simpler for participants and it produces remarkable results with an almost 80% recovery rate when the following is fully implemented.

The best explanation I can give for the key points of differentiation for CareTrek versus the current model of how employee substance use disorder recovery services are positioned is to use the twelve key components detailed in the link above and then identify the CareTrek detail for each of them.  Bear in mind that these components are features.   What makes them together a true benefit is relative to the things that both employers and participating employees say that they need.  (We believe that most employers and their employees will say that the CareTrek features are benefits as compared to the current alternatives that typically are made available to them through a random referral into the mental health and addiction recovery services arena).

CareTrek is a complete, end-to-end program of recovery based on the Physicians Health Program "Gold Standard" model.....CareTrek's Substance Use Disorder 12-Step Recovery Components:

1. Employee Participant Self-Identification (voluntary)-Safe, secure self-selection and enrollment through employer's HR department or independently "direct to CareTrek"

2. Supervisor/Peer Identification HR Mandate Training-Provided by industry-leading RecoveryTrek Quality Assurance Director and Medical Review Officer

3. Reasonable Suspicion Random Testing-Conveniently provide through RecoveryTrek's industry-leading PROOF "at home" saliva testing service

4. SUD Case Manager Assessment/Recovery Planning-Conducted by highest level licensure talent through Trust Recovery Monitoring (TRM)

5. Recovery Counseling/Coaching provided through telehealth, group sessions and licensed case managers, recovery coaches, peer assistance monitors-all managed by TRM

6. Random Drug and Alcohol Testing-lowest cost by RecoveryTrek, the nation's leading third-party administrator for licensed professionals substance addiction recovery programs

7. AA/DA Meetings Attendance Recordkeeping, Support Coordination/Oversight coordinated through RecoveryTrek's award-winning, secure and HIPAA-compliant technology

8. Support Group Participation, including the participation of pre-selected peers and family

9. Compliance Monitoring through assigned case coordinator and TRM case manager

10. Compliance Reporting through automated records and RecoveryTrek's SMS system

11. MobileBAC, MobileTrek, PROOF mobile app services & participant support

12. Relapse prevention and ongoing support upon "graduation' program participation "completion", potential scholarships for recovery coaching licensing and employment

While this detail describes fundamental, relevant, and meaningful points of differentiation for CareTrek that most employers and employees will see as valuable and beneficial, the simplest explanation is to break-down the features by using the CareTrek acronym/name-as follows:

C=comprehensive and convenient

A=affordable and accessible

R=reliable and reputable

E=effective and efficient

TREK=assistance program, a journey with meaning and purpose.


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