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CareTrek's Essential Benefits and Differentiators

Posted by Joe Antle on May 11, 2020 9:55 AM EDT
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Most people who have a need to be filled or who seek or accept solutions presented to them are...

...keen to go beyond the slogan or interesting brand name and find out exactly why a new product or service is better than other options.  Or is different from other choices that they have for fulfilling their need.  And sometimes many consumers and purchasing professionals and managers in organizations are not even aware that they have a need to be fulfilled.  Of course, most consumers and organizational buyers of services have different needs or perhaps have different priorities among their needs.  What makes a feature an advantage and ultimately a benefit worth adopting is the degree to which a need is known, must be satisfied soon, and done so by a provider, product, or service that is best at satisfying those needs (known or discovered).  Or at least is best at communicating and explaining why their offering is superior as they relate to the dimensions that matter most to them.

New brands, and new services, such as CareTrek, have to have a way to stand out from the crowd.  A catchy name helps.  A provider with credibility helps.  A slogan, if memorable and relevant to the brand's attributes helps.  And winning on one or more of the traditional four principles of marketing (product, price, place, and promotion) AND being able to prove that also helps newcomers gain a competitive advantage over other options the consumers and buyers have to choose from.

So, in the spirit of presenting CareTrek in terms of the aforementioned points, and to do so in a fairly succinct and simple fashion....which folks know is difficult for me, I offer the following.


Strategic Focus:  Providing complete services and support for organizations seeking to provide a high degree of success to individuals whose lives and careers are impacted negatively by substance use disorder.

Marketing Slogan:  Caress. Hope. Succeed.  Stay on track.

Target Markets: Leading employers.  Community-wide addiction recovery treatment services initiatives. Organizations seeking to provide addiction recovery services to members and affiliates.

Marketing Slogan as Linked Acronyms:

Caress. Hope. Succeed. Stay on Track: Comprehensive addiction recovery employee assistance programs.  Community-wide addiction recovery effectiveness projects. 

Marketing Slogan as Benefits Differentiators:

Caress: Convenient, affordable, reliable, and effective support and services-

Hope. Helping ordinary people excel in recovery. 

Succeed.  Measuring progress through random testing, meetings attendance and active participation, support from trained professionals, and other participants and family and friends.

Stay on Track. Self-directed aftercare and leadership, including employment, in coaching others who enter CareTrek recovery programs.

In some ways, these are essential guidelines, a framework of sorts for determining and judging product and services enhancements, pricing decisions, services-such as counseling, case management, and support distribution models and ways of communicating the why, how, and what of CareTrek. Like every new model or approach for helping others do something very difficult, even ones based on empirical evidence ("evidence-based") these types of sustaining innovations evolve iteratively much as open innovation and open-sourced approaches create ever-changing features which are always seeking to provide better advantages and benefits to the consumers, both people and organizations.

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CareTrek's Essential Benefits and Differentiators
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