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TREK: A Meaningful Journey With Purpose

Posted by Joe Antle on May 2, 2020 12:40 PM EDT
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Just as is the case with the word CARE, there are both verb and noun connotations with the word TREK.  And the word TREK .... 

 ...can also be an acronym.  For example, in the context of substance use recovery program participation it could stand for "Trust Recovery Expands Knowledge".  Trust Recovery Monitoring (TRM) is the entity that CareTrek relies on for managing, coordinating and accessing care, recovery coaching and case management resources.  And TRM can also provide educational services, consulting, recovery support webinars and learning forum services.  So, such an acronym is relevant and even fits along with the CARE acronym for "Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Effectiveness and Trust Recovery to Expand Knowledge".  Or it could also be "Trusted Recovery Effectiveness and Knowledge".  And so on...

However, Wiktionary offers the following definition for TREK, just as it does for CARE:

Noun: A slow or difficult journey. (Example:  We're planning a trek up Kilimanjaro).

Verb: To make a slow and ardous journey. (Example:  We will trek to the top of Kilimanjaro).

In the context of substance abuse recovery, TREK is both an engaging NOUN, and metaphor of sorts for it is a purposeful activity that requires commitment, some planning, a focus, a lot of support and a meaningful conclusion for all who are involved in it.  It's also a VERB that conjures images of taking action and participating in a structured journey that is difficult and when accomplished a great purpose is achieved.

Great words like CARE and TREK when combined can drive results that might not be otherwise achieved with less powerful intent.


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