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CARE: A Word With Meaning That Matters

Posted by Joe Antle on April 27, 2020 8:10 AM EDT
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Achievement of outstanding results always begins with a belief that the results that are achieved are worthwhile, are relevant to lots of other people and that the....

....outstanding results are possible.  With the simple belief that something remarkable and perhaps improbable is in fact possible, then commitment, actions, results and engagement will follow.

We had just begun to bring our CareTrek concept to market, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  In our thinking, the critical work of helping people help others overcome substance use disorder takes a seat to the urgent work and priorities of overcoming the impact of COVID-19.  And to hold off on promotion of the CareTrek concept until control and order is brought to the COVID-19 crisis by our healthcare heroes-perhaps through better social distancing, personal hygience and testing to quickly provide lifesaving treatment.  I six short weeks, we have begun to see some improvements....but no cure, no vaccine and no full understanding of how to eradicate this invisible and potent enemy.

That said, I wanted to share some aspects of my personal views on what CareTrek is about.  And doing so by addressing our concept through this blog posting, the meaning of the word "CARE" seems like a simple framework for doing so.  In my next blog posting I hope to do a similar approach for the word "TREK".

I tend to think that most of us think of the word "care" as a term of emotion, or almost a state of being like in the famous Hallmark slogan, "When you ACRE Enough to Give the Very Best".  But the word "care" can also be viewed as either a noun or a verb.  

However, in explaining our concept using the first part of its name CareTrek, I'd like to present it as three sets of acronyms.  Why?  Because in the health care world, benefits world and in social economic contexts, acronyms often rule the day.  And the overarching purpose or mission for CareTrek has meaning and matters.  Its a concept that can help organizations and people help other people overcome substance use disorder and increase the quality of their work while improving the quality of their lives.

So here goes:

Context=Employment Benefits: Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Employee Assistance Programs

Context=Community Improvement: Community Advancement Recovery Effectiveness Projects

Context=CareTrek Benefits: Convenience, Affordability, Reliability, Effectiveness

Context=Participant Success Factors: Commitment, Activities, Results, Engagement

Context=Organizational Success Factors: Communication, Alignment, Rewards, Expansion

And ultimately, our goal is to not only help people retain and do their jobs better, and organizations to leverage improvements in their people strategies but to help create meaningful work for people in the process.

I'll close with a a word or two about the continuum of care-perhaps framed a bit differently than is common in the healthcare and healthy living industries.  And some words of knowledge from the "Knowledge Search Engine"-GOOGLE.

I care...leads to I can....leads to I will...leads to I do...leads to I did.  And, perhaps, once having done the improbable it can lead to "Because I care, then I can and I will do what it takes to help you do what I did....". 

So, what does the word "CARE" mean anyway?  If you Google  the meaning of the word care you get a set of definitions based on whether it is a noun or a verb.  (By the way, is Google a noun or a verb?).  And as is the case with most things, the context of how the word is used matters in terms of what its meaning is.   

  1.  In the context of substance abuse recovery programs, CARE is a powerful noun and verb.  CARE is provided by people who CARE and and they CARE with a sense of urgency and purpose.

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