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CareTrek Addiction Recovery Support Recruitment Model

Posted by Joe Antle on March 28, 2020 11:50 AM EDT
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Finding affordable, qualified and passionate people to play the critical roles of counselor, care coordinator, recovery coach or peer assistance specialist.... vital to building a platform that can be expanded as growth occurs-scalable, yet flexible, effective, efficient and affordable.

Here's our thinking of a strategy that can be implemented locally and managed and coordinated centrally.....

The CareTrek Caregiver Community Outreach Plan


As is the case in most networks, and systems, there can be additional capacity among components of the existing network.  CareTrek’s model for accessing, assessing and providing quality substance abuse counseling, case management, recovery coaching, and caregiving in general will be based on leveraging its relationship with partner, Trust Recovery, and in identifying additional partners who for economic, personal interests or future employment opportunities will want to provide support and care to City employees and their families who are found to have substance abuse issues that need evidence-based resolution, including reliable care.

Within the City, and the greater regional community, are a variety of sources of existing talent and skill (and certifications) or those who with proper training, support and opportunity can become skilled recovery coaches, peer facilitators, workplace monitors and the like.  And family members will often be a critical component for supporting employees and their dependents through the rigors of a successful addiction recovery “journey” (program).  Figure 1 below visually describes the key areas where outreach activities can be focused on.  The bronze areas are the primary sources of prospective counselors and the silver areas are those which can also yield skills or talents, but which will likely be more expensive to access and employ.  These will also be valuable to reaching the key targets of quality workforce development prospects who want to help other people excel.

Over time, certainly, within the scope of the three-five year horizon of the typical local government employee assistance plan timeline, there will be ample time to reach into untapped employment opportunities among the City’s workforce development target constituents, while supplementing those with the higher costs and more experienced resources that may be available to work as needed.  One of the ultimate goals of the program will be to generate “graduates” who can earn “scholarships” to be trained and certified as Recovery Coaches or beyond. 

While employing trained and certified “ex-addicts” may seem controversial to some, providing meaningful work to those who have successfully regained their lives may be a reward that makes the journey all the more important.  We believe that earning jobs and working to assist others through active and sustained recovery may be the big idea for participants who “graduate” and “complete” the program.  And for those who help them to recover there are rewards that transcend money alone, meaning that “meaning” creates its own virtuous cycle.




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