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PROOF: An At-Home Testing Innovation

Posted by Joe Antle on March 22, 2020 1:05 PM EDT
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One of the really interesting outcomes from the COVID-19 pandemic and health crisis is that there has been a focus on innovation.....

....and new ways to engage the socio-economics of people helping each other and giving support using new technologies.  The requirement of social distancing and the physical sense opens up new ways to provide meaningful support where remoteness is a requirement for reducing the risk of infection and inadvertently contributing to contagion.

There is also innovation in terms of the testing distribution model.  We're hearing more about ways to get the tests done by utilizing drive-by facilities such as pharmacies.  And for sure we are bound to witness innovation throughout the medical treatment, new vaccines and other tools such as more portable and more affordable ventilators.  We will see more use of telehealth services applied to the diagnosis and treatment regimen as well.

In our business of providing evidence-based programs for enabling people to be successful in substance abuse and addiction recovery, there continues to be innovation in terms of telehealth applications for case management, recovery coaching, peer assistance models and meetings attendance.  And now, for the first time, RecoveryTrek is introducing a patented, first ever at home testing solution called PROOF.  PROOF allows people who are going through organized and systematic recovery programs to add the convenience of reliable self-testing at home.  It's powered by mobile technology and by the support of lab processing capabilities relative to swabs and oral specimen collection.

Our team at RecoveryTrek is very excited about this innovation as it relates to the application of it during the self-quarantine, social distancing requirements of the COVID-19 threat.  We think it also has great application to our CareTrek focus for a comprehensive solution for employees and for community wide substance abuse recovery treatment services.  Here's the link to a one-page flyer describing the exciting PROOF concept:

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