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CareTrek Implementation Activities (Part 2)

Posted by Joe Antle on February 21, 2020 11:05 PM EST
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Implementing the CareTrek employee assistance program from the employer's perspective is as simple as....

...following the activities outlined below.

o   Sales contact, CareTrek presentation with employer

o   CareTrek proposal created and presented

o   Employer signs CareTrek agreement

o   RecoveryTrek/CareTrek will introduce the assigned SM, Trust Recovery principle resources (CM, recovery coach, and describe implementation plan -“kickoff”)

o   RecoveryTrek/CareTrek will provide a broad overview of technology platform-software, MobileTrek, and MobileBAC, if applicable

o   Ongoing CareTrek internal employee communications and announcement

o    “RecoveryTrek/CareTrek EAP” education and training through employer-recommended channels (meetings, newsletters, employer websites, forums, etc.)

o   Employer will promote management training events, online education information and the purpose and strategic vision for the CareTrek EAP program-emphasizing it as a great resource for employees and their dependents who may have SUD issues.  Also, emphasize employer’s DFW policy and the opportunity for voluntary anonymous participation along with “reasonable suspicion”.  Positive “second chance” message.

o   Employer will schedule management training sessions as is feasible within employer’s schedule.  The two training sessions will include: “Signs and Symptoms: Addiction in the Workplace” and “Best Practices for Reasonable Suspicion and Employee Referral”

o   RecoveryTrek/CareTrek SM will respond to all employee participants’ questions and serve as the liaison with Trust Recovery CM and/or recovery coaches as needed

o   RecoveryTrek/CareTrek SM will document all employee participation interactions in RecoveryTrek SMS as needed and in compliance with standard RecoveryTrek protocols

o   RecoveryTrek will provide ongoing reports to the employer as requested or applicable on employees’ participation data and results.  These reports will be in “anonymous” format so as to illustrate employees’ progress and gaps and RecoveryTrek/CareTrek’s delivery.

o   RecoveryTrek will inform the employer of employee participants “graduation” as defined by Trust Recovery CM and as requested by employee participant and employer

o   RecoveryTrek CM will recommend reward options for successful employee participants, which may include reimbursement of part or all of employee participant fees and/or employer underwriting a part or all of employee participation in MyRecoveryTrek after care/continuing care program

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