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CareTrek Implementation Activities (Part 1)

Posted by Joe Antle on February 21, 2020 10:55 PM EST
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From the employee's intake and onboarding perspective, implementation steps for CareTrek...

...are pretty straight forward and can almost be used to build a checklist.

Here is the sequence of activities for employee participants:

    • Initial employee and/or EAP provider inquiry fielded (telephone or web)
    • Inquiry responded to within 1 business day - (ideally within 12 hours].
    • If the prospect wants free consultation for Trust Recovery Recovery Coaching services, then demographic details will be captured on the intake form and emailed to Case Manager and posted in the CareTrek prospect’s profile module.
    • The consultation will be scheduled 
    • The Trust Recovery Case Manager will call the employee participant will call the CareTrek employee prospect.
    • Trust Recovery CM will develop formal plan for employee participant that includes meetings attendance, counseling sessions, role of CM, random drug/alcohol testing panels and frequency and periodic reporting and feedback from employee
    • Trust Recovery Licensed Case Manager (Trust Recovery CM) will prepare and distribute a one-sheet proposal / contract document to prospect based on their discussion.
    • RecoveryTrek/CareTrek SM and IT will set up employer portal and individual employee participant portals within RecoveryTrek software
    • RecoveryTrek/CareTrek SM will schedule random drug/alcohol testing to align with the Trust Recovery CM’s employees’ assessment and participation plan recommendation
    • RecoveryTrek/CareTrek SM will meet with employee participant via phone and share details of participation support, FAQ’s and ongoing use of the participant portal
    • Trust Recovery Licensed Case Manager will provide notes in the employee participant portal and update Joe/SM on irregular activities and results.  CM will also post notes in RecoveryTrek case management software
    • CareTrek Business Development and/or CareTrek channel partner will review in broad strokes the CareTrek employer’s employee participation data for employer’s EAP service as part of CareTrek’s EAP services
    • More detailed reporting will be provided as requested by employer HR (or EAP partner) including details such as: counseling sessions (CM notes), random drug/alcohol testing results, meetings attendance (Smart Recovery), peer and monitor reports (if applicable).
    • RecoveryTrek/CareTrek will host “graduation celebration’ virtual event for successful employee participants and their Trust Recovery CM and recovery coaches (if applicable) and others who are part of the employee participants’ support group

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