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Key Components of CareTrek

Posted by Joe Antle on February 21, 2020 10:45 PM EST
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CareTrek is a complete, end-to-end program of recovery based on the Physicians Health Program "Gold Standard" model.....

....and it's an innovation of a sustainable nature. It brings the key dimensions of lower-cost, easier access, simpler for participants and it produces remarkable results with an almost 80% recovery rate when the following is fully implemented.

1.      CareTrek Substance Use Disorder 12-Step Recovery Components:

·       Employee Participant Self-Identification (voluntary)

·       Supervisor/Peer Identification HR Mandate

·       Reasonable Suspicion Random Testing

·       SUD Case Manager Assessment/Recovery Planning

·       Recovery Counseling/Coaching

·       Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

·       AA/DA Meetings Attendance

·       Support Group Participation

·       Compliance Monitoring

·       Compliance Reporting (Test Results, Meetings Attendance, Counseling)

·       MobileBAC Services & Support

·       Relapse Prevention After Care


2.      Counseling/Case Management/Recovery Coaching Services:

    • Consultation - Brief, (free), conversation with CareTrek’s Licensed Case Manager and prospect and/or family members after which a contract with options will be presented.
    • Professional Services:
      • Assessment
      • Recovery Wellness Planning
      • Recovery Counseling and Coaching
      • Meetings and Addiction Recovery Group
      • Connect to Support Community
      • CareTrek Seven Dimensions of Wellness
      • CareTrek Employer Technology Platform Customization and  Support

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