David Richards

  • Norfolk, Virginia

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March 29

June 28

David Richards: Out for a morning adding some troublesome areas of neighborhoods I've lived in

6 years ago

September 28

David Richards: I was invited by a friend and subsequently went to an event Mitt spoke at. My first. I was very impressed. He clearly understands the economy given his Bain/business background and he's a very likable, personable guy. Also, I loved his comment that he'd probably only be a one-term President as he'd really shake some stuff up -- a Pol not worried about re-election

9 years ago

September 21

Nancy St Claire @David Richards: I enjoyed meeting with the Hampton Roads Cares team yesterday.

9 years ago

March 22

David Richards: A quick update: Met with several executives from regional charities and received a warm welcome. These included Hope House, Prime Plus and For Kids. More to follow in the next week as we continue moving things along with WVEC

10 years ago

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  • Hometown: Springfield, Vermont
  • Occupation: Software executive
  • Favorite website: Hampton Roads Cares
  • Most recent discovery: The joys of inexpensive, CA Zinfandels
  • When I'm not online...: I'm doing something with family
  • What's interesting about me?: My friends and family
  • Favorite quote: Teddy R.:
  • Favorite sports team: BoSox