Beacon Institute: Veteran Pathways Home

  • P.O. Box 5621
  • Williamsburg, Virginia
  • 23140
  • (804) 384-9325
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Beacon Institute: Veteran Pathways Home Home

Contact InformationEmail:
FounderSharon Schlerf
HeadquartersWilliamsburg VA
ServicesMilitary Behavioral Health, Education, Advisory
ProductsCourage to Change
No. of Employees0
Key PeopleSharon Schlerf, President/Chaplain Primary Contact
Area(s) ServedVirginia
Hours of operationHours of services are determined by contract and site locations so the schedule varies.

Organization Overview

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Background & History

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Management Team

See Beacon Institute: Veteran Pathways Home website for information about our Leadership Team.


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Philosophy & Culture

Lighthouse Beacon Church was established in 2001, an interdenominational ministry, serving all people and respecting individual beliefs of all we serve.

LBC missions are served by fees earned through seminars, public speaking, and published works of fiction and non-fiction books through Gallery Book Press.

Beacon Institute: Veteran Pathways Home is the education and services (501c4) supported with some of this funding through a trust. It generates its own revenue providing curriculums and training via fees for services, contract agreements with government agencies, veteran & community service organizations, or direct services to individuals.

Pro-bono services are provided by special request.


We do not solicit donations or participate in external fund-raising for organization. Anyone wishing to donate, can only do so by contacting us on behalf of a military member, veteran or family member participant request for payment of training or program registration fee for our Courage to Change programs.

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