Collaborations in Hampton Roads

Great things happen in Hampton Roads. If you need tools to connect with others or to promote your effort, this site is for you. To learn about non-profits, visit our ORGANIZATIONS area where we list 200 of them. Need private collaboration tools for an adhoc group or civic organization you're a part of, consider your own private PROJECT.


Hurricane Joaquin Mapping

promo@2x.pngIndividuals from leading water-related organizations along the eastern seaboard of the United States, from Florida to New York, participated in the first collaborative effort to capture data using our SLR app. Learn more HERE

Sea-Level Rise: 1st Volunteer Tidal Mapping!

It's been well over a year since our first volunteer mapping of a high water event, but you can watch the highlights of the team talking to the press. Then download the app so you can see what it’s all about

Sea-Level Rise: Participate & Steer Clear of Trouble!

The Wetlands Watch Sea-Level Rise app, created in partnership with Hampton Roads Cares, is now in iTunes! Download it (for free) and help move Hampton Roads toward a solution to a real and growing problem. Watch the short video below... download the app... and tell a friend.


Sea-Level Rise App Training and SLR Conference

Several members of the Sea-Level Rise team go over the basic functions of the new mobile app. Immediately after, they head to a conference on sea-level rise at ODU's Ted Constant Center, where Skip Stiles joins a panel of experts and political leaders to discuss this issue facing Hampton Roads.


Schools From Shipping Containers

Campus in a Box is a startup, non-profit venture incubating in Norfolk. This short, 3-D simulation shows the concept. By transforming old shipping containers into technology-rich, network connected schools, our region becomes a leader in exporting another form of education. Very Jeffersonian. If interested in what they’re doing, contact them via their website


Halloween Zombie Challenge

Members from three different Chesapeake libraries compete for new Galaxy Tab 2s as a part of the Zombie Challenge. Here's a look at two teams in the Junior and Senior divisions, as they compete for the prize, strategize with one another, and nearly lose it all in the final round. Brace yourselves, Hampton Roads, here they come!


Amazing Grace

A Hampton Roads contributer to our site composed his own rendition of the classic hymn, "Amazing Grace." In four stanzas, all different, building on the other. and each representing a different phase of life. We hope you enjoy it.

We'll be creating an accomanying video with images and footage from our region and it will be out shortly. So come back to see what the full work entails.



Good Deeds

Become a Micro Philanthropist by giving a few dollars per week to needy causes. It's easy, fun, everything stays local, and a lot of people are helped that need it.

So REGISTER to become part of the action and tell a friend. It's FREE. If you're a local-minded business that wants to challenge your employees with a "matching" program, Contact Us. If you're a non-profit, add yourself as an ORGANIZATION. If you're just somebody that needs a place to collaborate, start or join a GROUP.


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Here's what others are saying...

March 12

Robert Saldana: Was directed here after you guys were mentioned in several NPR stories about helping veterans with "bad paper".

5 years ago

June 10

Charles Decuir: Simply a great idea!

6 years ago

May 04

Matt Rajkowski: Thanks for visiting. The web site team has made new updates to the site to improve the collaboration features. Be sure to sign in to get the most out of

6 years ago

July 19

Matt Rajkowski: We've learned a lot over the last few years here and today we've begun making some changes at Hampton Roads Cares. These changes are efficiencies in getting organizations listed and adding their events and needs. Feel free to use the new resources at

7 years ago

June 25

Ellen Zeltmann: Tomorrow is Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day. Add your voice for support via the National Call in. visit

8 years ago

February 22

Sharon Schlerf: Don't miss attending the Non-Profit Sustainability through Entrepreneurship seminar at TCC Advanced Technology Center Wednesday, Feb 29, 8 to 5. US HSS has provided us with 50 "Tool-kits' FREE, to assist all of us to maximize our programs and funding. Register TODAY.

8 years ago

Sharon Schlerf: For community and faith-based organizations who are serving the Tidewater Virginia area,

8 years ago

February 03

Anthony White: The Hampton Roads Psoriasis Support Group with meet February 13th at Oakdale Presbyterian Church (Fellowship) Hall, 550 East Little Creek Road, Norfolk Va. The meeting will begin at 6:30pm. The guest speaker for the meeting will be Diane Iheanacho, from the Patient Advocate Program. The meeting is open to everyone. For further information contact Anthony White @ 757-927-0439

8 years ago

October 06

Jason Redman: Great Initiative to support the long term care of our veterans. Glad to be here and learn more and contribute.

8 years ago

September 22

Gareth Trollope: Give An Hour looks like a great Organization. I really respect their work!

8 years ago

Shark Tank!

Seven of the region's top tech professionals served as the panel of "sharks," judging the product pitches of four groups of students, based on the originality, functionality, and presentation of their ideas. Check out the video below highlighting the first of hopefully many more Shark Tank events in Hampton Roads. Enjoy!


Help Our Nonprofits!

Already with the most complete directory of non-profits, we’re becoming the Craig’s List for what they need. See the growing list of ORGANIZATIONS in the region and how you can help by “following” them.

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Sea Level Rise App!

Visit this area of Hampton Roads Cares to see what Wetlands Watch and Concursive are doing about engaging and educating our community about sea level rise. Then downloadthe sea level rise app to find trouble spots and see what's happening



An App Central to Your Mission?

Mobile apps aren’t for everything or everybody. But for some tasks, like tracking and showing sea level rise, they’re imperative. We collaborate with organizations to build and manage them through the Hampton Roads Cares infrastructure. If you’re such an organization, contact us.